Wine and Fish at Hy-Vee


For those of you who could not attend the Membership event at HyVee last night,  you missed a great time!  Congrads to the membership committee – Carol Nau, Jan Wassenburg,   Mary Torell and Debbie Hendricks.  The room looked great with their decorations and the games!

A job well done!  And I think we have some potential new members!  This is great!

A big thank you goes to Amber from HyVee for the wonderful fish sampling and having the room ready for us.   Also a big thanks goes to Deer Springs winery for furnishing the wine for the fish. We all learned a lot about cooking fish and the different flavors of  wine!

March 12, 2013 Program – Anxiety Disorders

Today’s program on anxiety disorders was presented by Debby Houston.

Anxiety is the body’s natural response to danger.  Anxiety disorder responses include fear or worry, physical threat such as a heart attack, social threat by being embarrassed in public and a mental threat thinking you are losing your mind.  Physical signs are trouble breathing, restlessness, fidgeting, sweaty palms, racing heart, nausea, etc.  Continue reading