Poinsettia Sales Through November 13

It’s time for the annual poinsettia sales.  This year, the colors we are selling are red, pink, white, and a new color – ice punch which has red borders and pink in the middle.  Each plant comes in a foil-wrapped pot.  Once again, the plants are from Sun Valley Gardens and the prices are the same as previously.   A plant with 6 blooms (6 inch pot) is $10 and a plant with 18-20 blooms (8 inch pot) is $20.  Please collect the money for your plants and send it along with the order form to Joyce Ore by November 13, 2013.  If you have any questions, please contact Joyce at 472-7082 (7:30 AM – 4:30 PM) or 440-0939 (evenings).  Call Joyce to get her mailing address.

Delivery will be the week of December 2-6, 2013.  The order blank and flyer are attached for you to print and/or email to all who may be interested.

Thanks from the Fundraising Committee and have great sales!!

Poinsettia Orders 2013     Poinsettia flyer-2013